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Zero Waste Soap Saver Pouch

Product Code: Escss


Extend the life of your soap bar with this handy Zero Waste Soap Saver Pouch, the perfect exfoliating shower and bath accessory for you to use at home or on your travels. 

The Zero Waste Soap Saver Pouch fits both our signature 190g soap bar and larger 240g soap bars comfortably. Why do we call it a Zero Waste Soap Saver Pouch we hear you ask? Well, this new shower and bath accessory is perfect for collating your left-over soap pieces. Meaning you can extend the life of your beloved bar with zero soap waste! Pop your soap pieces straight into the pouch to use again!

So if you’re trying to be a little more sustainable in the bathroom, go plastic free or simply bring your trusty soap bar from sink basin to shower, then look no further! The exfoliating nature of the pouch is perfect for scrubbing away dead skin cells. Your skin will surely thank you for it (and the planet too).  

  •  Made from mixed cotton and linen 
  •  Vegan friendly  
  •  Plastic free 
  •  Exfoliating 
  •  Reusable 

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