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Set of Five Clear Crystal Tennis Bracelets in Gold

Product Code: LAtbs


Stack these crystal tennis bracelets with ease and simply elevate any look. Featuring square, golden casings fixing clear crystals into place, each bead is threaded onto a length of elastic which come together to create the sweetest sparkly bracelet. 

With five in this set, you can layer them up or just wear one or two. Whatever you choose to do to accessorise, these bracelets are guaranteed to bring some shine. Why not gift these to a loved one obsessed with shimmering accessories?

  • A set of five sparkly bracelets adorned with crystals
  • Fixed into golden casings threaded onto elastic
  • Ideal for adding some shine to any and every outfit
  • The sweetest gift for a crystal-obsessed friend
  • Elasticated inner circumference 18.4cm

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