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Positive Energy Semi-Precious Stone Beaded Bracelet in Pink

Product Code: lasppbb


Looking to gift a special someone a unique piece of jewellery? This stunning beaded bracelet is perfect for helping to uplift and inspire them.

This bracelet consists of several semi-precious stone beads threaded onto strong jewellery elastic. The stones comprise pastel pink, cool blue, pretty purple, and crystal clear shades, and are finished with a small gold charm stamped with the Lisa Angel logo. The stones included are rose quartz - known as the stone of universal love, turquoise - believed to shield negative energy and protect inner peace, the 'balancing' stone amethyst - thought to soothe stress and settle the mind, and clear quartz - revered for its cleansing properties. A helpful crystal guide is included with your bracelet, with further information on each stone and its potential healing properties.

Perfect for layering with other bright, beaded pieces, this pretty bracelet would make a wonderful token of support and guidance for gifting to loved ones in need.

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