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Inner Peace Semi-Precious Stone Beaded Bracelet in Yellow

Product Code: laipb


Consisting of several semi-precious stone beads threaded onto strong jewellery elastic, this bracelet is comprised of sunny yellow, pastel pink, bright turquoise, dark grey, and crystal clear shades. A small gold circular charm stamped with the Lisa Angel logo is suspended between the beads. 

The stunning stones included in this piece are clear quartz - believed to clear thoughts and cleanse energies, turquoise - known as the protector stone, helping to shield from negative energy, rose quartz - thought to represent feelings of love and joy, citrine - believed to raise self-confidence, and hematite - known as the 'stability' stone, ideal for grounding and encouraging calm. A helpful crystal guide is included with your bracelet, with further information on each stone and its potential healing properties.

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