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  • Happy New Year - Welcome to my first blog!

    January, 07, 2017

    Well, here I am, having a go at my first ever blog! New Year seems like a good time to make a start and anyway, it's a great place to plot thoughts, give you updates and share some nonsense.

    As my lovely, loyal customers will already know, I opened my first shop in Wotton-under-Edge, along the Cotswold Way, Glos, just 3 months ago and since then, there has been no stopping! The locals are lovely and I am just about starting to recognise who's who and what they like and don't like to buy.

    Charlie, our family pet, the 4 year old border collie has officially become the shop dog and can normally be found in his favourite spot, blocking the door. He's a friendly pooch but a little bouncy in the morning before his walk with a local dog walker. If you pop in later in the afternoon, you'll get a much more chilled canine welcome and will be most likely obliged to tickle the tummy - Charlie's not mine!!

    As for the shop itself, well, the sale is now on! There's lots of Christmas goodies to be bagged for another week or so and then we'll be onto Spring displays, just the mention of which, will put a spring in my step.

    I'm off to a few trade shows over the next few weeks, so come back here soon and I might even give you a sneeky peek of what's coming to the shop soon .........